​"Combining the image that you see, with the picture in your mind"
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Synergy Photographic UK
Peter Rimmer
Peter is a serious, experienced  photographer and has been taking photographs in various locations around the world for over twenty years, from the days of 35mm film, to the digital era we live in today.
Only recently, after emergency abdominal surgery and a lengthy recovery process, did he realise that photography was his true dream and to take this dream forward in to reality, was what he had to do.
This realisation gave birth to,
"SYNERGY PHOTOGRAPHIC UK" and the start of a journey that would take him in to the world he loved.
Now Peter is not a qualified professional and has no letters after his name.
However, his work is excellent and he is a time served, true photographer, who will work harder and longer to get the photograph you want and expect.
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  • I have over twenty years photographic experience
  • I am good with animals and kids
  • I currently cover the North of England, but can travel if required
  • You pay for my time, that's it
  • All the photographs I take, you get the best, edited on a USB stick
  • I charge by the hour, so you use me for as long as you can afford
  • No hidden charges
  • I am reliable and punctual
  • Your consultation is free
  • and I'm a nice guy and easy to get on with
If you are looking for reviews on my work, then this site has a few, but there are also some on my Facebook site along with more photographs and I am also on Twitter and Instagram.
If you are looking for a consultation then please get in touch and we can discuss your requirements from the shoot and even meet up for a coffee and a chat if you so wish....on me of course and don't forget,
Your personal photographic consultation is FREE !!!
All in all, I will work hard to achieve the results you want and I am certain you will be happy with the photographs I take.
Click click, lets take some pics !!