​"Combining the image that you see, with the picture in your mind"
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Family & Pets
This is a field of my work that I enjoy very much. There is a lot of satisfaction achieved from showing great photographs to a family of their kids or their pets.
All my photography is achieved using natural light where possible as I find this gives the best results.
Check out the gallery for more photographs on these subjects.
General photography is where I have a broad range of skills to analyse a subject or a situation and achieve the best angle and position to realise the best photograph for the client. 
This could be on a number of different subjects, family, portraits, event, corporate or wedding photography.
Wedding photography is high pressure stakes and it has to be right. Therefore I always schedule at least two meetings with the happy couple to discuss what they want from their photographs and check out the venue the day before to ensure I know all the right locations for the best results for the bride and groom.
My Gallery
My name is Peter and I have been taking photographs for some twenty years, but only recently, after a life changing event, did I decide to take it to the next level.
My gallery contains some of the blood, sweat and tears, all transformed in to photographs, for you to view.
Please click on the gallery link below.
I sincerely hope you like them.